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Thassos Marble (Polished)

White Thassos is the most famous and one of the purest if not the purest white marble ever excavated from foreign or Greek quarries. This marble is known to be very strong, bright and sparkling natural rock.Thassos marble has a crystal snow white colour, composed of small crystals (crystalline). The small transparent crystals, gave it it’s also worldwide known name “Greek Crystal marble”.

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Thassos Polished Marble is a type of Greek marble as it takes its name from Thassos Island, which is a Greek Island. It has many other names such as White of Thassos, Thassos White Marble, Bianco Thassos, Thassos Snow White, Bianco Taxos, and Thassos Pure White. This piece of marble is popular with its unique white color that almost shines in any environment that it is used. It is suitable to use it for bathroom countertops, both interior and exterior wall covering and flooring, pool and fountain capping, monuments, and also design projects. As it has been used since ancient times, this marble is the most recognized stone from Greece. Thassos polished marble is highly in demand and it goes up day by day, as demand for white and beige stones increases as well. This marble would be the best choice for the ones who like bright and lighted places. Its authentic and natural look brings simplicity to any environment whereas bringing spaciousness.


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