4 Facts About Marble, From Authentic Stone

4 Facts About Marble, From Authentic Stone

Marble is renowned for its stunning appearance and long-term value, making it a homeowner’s dream investment. While its aesthetic qualities are well-known, there are a number of interesting facts about this natural stone that remain hidden to many. With a rich history deeply rooted in masonry and construction, marble continues to captivate us.

The Limestone Origin

Surprisingly, marble actually begins as limestone. Through a complex geological transformation involving volcanic and tectonic forces, limestone undergoes extreme heat and pressure. As a result, its molecular structure and appearance evolve, resulting in marble.

Marble Graces The Egyptian Pyramids

The Pyramids were not always the golden-hued structures we see today. Many many years ago they were dazzling white. 

Ancient Egyptians carefully cut and polished enormous slabs of white limestone for the larger pyramids, while beige marble adorned the smaller ones. Marble columns and blocks also graced Egyptian temples.

Beyond Construction

Marble’s uses extend far beyond just construction. A fine powder can be made from crushed marble, which is used in adhesives, paint, and high-quality paper production. Surprisingly, it even makes its way into the world of modern technology and luxury phone cases. 

Marble powder is sometimes used to make “China clay,” which is a bonding material used in pharmaceutical pills. The pharmaceutical industry makes use of marble’s acid-reducing properties, featuring it in medications like Alka Seltzer.

Michelangelo’s Misconception

Michelangelo, believed that sculptors before him opted for white marble due to its elegant appearance as pure white stone, and so he chose to work with this material when sculpting his own creations. 

However, little did he know sculptures from the past were originally adorned with vibrant colors. With time, these pigments faded, leaving behind the familiar pristine white appearance associated with classical sculptures.

Want To Know More?

Hopefully, you’ve heard enough marble facts to make you choose this magical material for your home!

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