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Choosing the Right Paving Stones

Choosing the right stone pavers when designing your patio is probably the most important decision. The most widely available options fall into one of two categories, quarried stone such as granite and slate which is dug up and then shaped, or, composite materials like brick and precast concrete, these are processed and molded when soft, then fired.

Our speciality is stone pavers, and so we lean toward this choice. We offer a range of options, all of which have their own benefits. If you are stumped for a decision, read on.

Sandstone: the all rounder

Sandstone is one of the most popular stones for garden paving. It is tough enough for outside settings, but fairly easy to work with and cut, which means it can cost less when it comes to installation. Sandstone is available in many shades and colours and is easy to come by.

Gravel: for smaller budgets

If you want to switch things up, without forking out, gravel is a great choice. It provides functional paving on a limited budget. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that it isn’t as stable underfoot as conventional stone pavers are. Also, weeds can become a problem.

Slate: the statement stone

Slate has a soft texture and striking colour palette that is easy on the eye. Its pastel blue-grey tones are beautiful to look at, but it can present certain functionality problems. In areas of heavy rainfall or freeze-thaw cycles, slate may not be the best option, as it can flake and chip.

Granite: the tough one

If your goal is sheer durability, granite is your stone. It is an elegant paving material which offers exceptional sturdiness. It is also available in a range of colours, from greys to blues, browns to oranges, granite stone pavers can suit any garden design.

Limestone: the natural beauty

Limestone is fine textured and takes on a distinctive, velvety finish when cut for paving. It doesn’t come in such an extensive colour range as granite or sandstone, but it is relatively easy to cut into a range of shapes and sizes.

Once you’re ready to make a decision, see our extensive collection of stone pavers.

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