Pros and Cons of Limestone Tiles

The Pros and Cons of Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are a brilliant addition to any household. However, there are aspects of this stone that may not be suitable for all homeowners. Here are the pros and cons of limestone tiles you should consider.

The Pros Of Limestone Tiles

Highly Versatile

One of the biggest benefits of limestone tiles is their versatility.  This natural stone can be installed in a range of areas around the home, this includes both indoor and outdoor spaces. Plus, its softness makes it a great option for bathrooms where bare feet often come into contact with the ground.

Not to mention, limestone can be cut into different shapes and sizes which is ideal for a large array of mosaic and tiling designs.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

Limestone styles derive from natural stones that are made from organic minerals on the earth’s surface. It doesn’t matter if you want beautiful kitchen countertops, stunning bathroom floors or smooth staircases, limestone is suitable for a variety of decorations.

Range Of Sizes

Limestone as a material is very customizable. When customers choose limestone styles they can pick from a range of sizes to suit their home. After all, the material is easy to cut and shape in a variety of ways.

The Cons Of Limestone Tiles

Frequent Maintenance

Due to their natural beauty, limestone tiles need extra care to maintain their breathtaking aesthetics. It requires strong sealing to protect it from stains and for the tiles to keep their position over extended periods.

Heavy and Difficult To Install

Compared to other natural stones, Limestone tiles always require professional installation. It is weighty and hard to carry and can crack if dropped on the floor. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious with limestone and DIY is out of the question.

Less Durable Than Other Natural Stone

Limestone tiles are by no means flimsy, however, it does not tend to last as long as other materials like vinyl, porcelain and wood. Therefore, if you want tiles that require little maintenance these are not the best choice. Still, it is fairly durable and is a practical option for flooring.

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