Things To Consider When Choosing Limestone Tiles

Things To Consider When Choosing Limestone Tiles

Limestone is extremely versatile and we are in luck as it is also the most common sedimentary rock to be found around the world. It is largely composed of calcite and calcium carbonate (carbon, oxygen and calcium), formed naturally in both shallow waters and water evaporation from caves.

It is hard wearing in its nature, retains heat , with fossilisation effects adding to its natural beauty, making it a high contender among other tiling alternatives. 

But as with most things, there are many variables to consider before you can decide which limestone tiles are right for you and how far you can align aesthetics to practical needs. We’ve put together a few points which we hope will help you in your choice.

What To Take Into Account Before Investing In Limestone Tiles

50 shades of limestone

Pure limestone is almost white, shades of beige, yellow, grey and cream are created through natural deposits, such as shallow seabeds. Colour options are always an important choice when choosing flooring and limestone, whilst natural, is no different.

When it comes to limestone finishes, the choice in tiling is yours and depends largely on the area you wish to tile. Naturally, limestone has a granular texture that can be finished to reveal a smooth sometimes veining finish. Whether indoors or outdoors, you are sure to find an aesthetic option for your flooring and walls.

A range of finishes

Whilst edges may not seem like a thing, different edges can create different looks in and around your space. For example, a chamfered edge that is often used in marble, this clean look stops stones from chipping, whilst a tumbled or broken edge gives you more of a traditional or less regular tiling.

The cost

You guessed it, costs are also a variable factor when it comes to your limestone tile choice. The combination of finishes, colours, edges and thickness of tiles all come into play, matching perfectly to the combination of naturally occurring compounds that is made from. There is beauty in irony too!

We are one of the largest importers of natural stone in the UK and our expert team is on hand to take you through the many tile options we offer. Get in touch to discuss your project plans and options available to you.

Here at Authentic Stone, our limestone tiles start at a reasonable £29.90 per square meter, having formed naturally in Turkey, Egypt, Spain and India. If you are unsure where you can use limestone tiles, have a read and let yourself be inspired.

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