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Calacatta Oro Polished Marble

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Calacatta Oro Marble, which is also known as, Calacatta Oro Vagli, is a unique and exclusive type of marble that excavated in Carrara, Italy. As it is given in its original name, oro means gold in Italian and it gives enough hints to imply that this special marble has a golden veiny pattern on its pure and bright white surface. With its sparkling golden look, it makes any environment seem classy and luxurious at the same time. Calacatta Oro marble is one of the most preferred types of stone by many designers since approximately 1500s. Its hard form and also enduring texture for heath and freezing makes it applicable for not only indoor but also outdoor usage, which makes it useful for many goals. It is convenient and suitable for both interior and exterior wall covering and flooring, stair covering, counter surfaces and many other special design purposes without any hesitation. The way it looks with its golden veining displays a fabulous and gorgeous appearance which makes it outstanding.

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