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Multicolour Slate Riven

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Multicolor Slate Riven is a Brazilian stone that quite popular with its rich and warm colorful surface. As it is also mentioned in its name, different colors it has on its smooth surface gives it a really energetic and vibrant look that makes it a glamorous stone. Thanks to its durable and strong structure, it is possible to use Multicolor Slate Riven for both interior and exterior applications. It is possible to use it for wall covering, flooring, stair capping, bathroom and kitchen countertops, bar tops, table tops, ornament making, fountain and sink making, pavement and terrace flooring, entrance hall flooring, and many other different design and project purposes. If you want to have a warm colorful look in your environment to have a vibrant atmosphere, Multicolor Slate Riven can be a great option for you.

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