Benefits Of Mosaic Tiles

Benefits Of Mosaic Tiles

There is no comparison between mosaic tiles and wood tiles for customization. Mosaic tiles are more durable and functional which make them a phenomenal option for any home. Here is why you should choose to design your floor with mosaics.

Why Choose Mosaic Tiles

Easy To Maintain

Mosaic tile floors can be swept and cleaned to be kept in good condition without the risk of discolouration or water stains. This makes them very easy to maintain over time as all you need to do is polish the surface.

In contrast, wooden floor tiles can be discoloured by sunlight and can be stained by water if you do not spot leaks on the floor.

Less Expensive

In luxury homes, it costs less to put mosaic tiles in a large number of rooms. This is the opposite of wood tiles which will be much more expensive. However, if you like the look of wood tiles you can get mosaic flooring that looks similar for a smaller price.

Create Beautiful Designs

Mosaic tiles make it easy to create patterns and designs that fit your imagination. For example, you can use water jet designs to create gorgeous spiralling patterns.

It doesn’t matter if you need tiles for a futuristic modern home or an Asian-inspired bathroom, mosaic tiles can form Tuscan designs or various kinds of abstract art. The customizability of mosaic flooring means you can make your home look unique and original.

Radiant Heating

With mosaic tiles, there is also the option of installing radiant heating under the tile floors. This is perfect for the winter months which will provide an enhanced element of warmth and comfort in your home. Still, in the summer when it’s hot you have the fresh, cool feel of the mosaic tile too. 

Solid and Rigid

Mosaic flooring can withstand damage from any heavy or sharp materials. You don’t have to worry about dropping anything in the kitchen as the mosaic tile will remain free from dents. Therefore, it is super durable and not easy to break. Not to mention, being able to look relatively new for extended periods.

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