Mosaic Tiles

Types of Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the most popular forms of decoration in any home. Mosaic flooring is characterised by being easy to maintain, affordable, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Here are some variations of mosaic tiling to consider.

The Different Variations of Mosaic Tiles


Stone mosaic tiles derive from ancient Greece and are a classic option for any property. Similar to stone mosaics, these mosaic tiles are different to regular tiles. They are extremely versatile and can be used to create stunning pictures that bring your home to life. Besides, complex designs with the use of waterjet technologies.

Mosaic tiles can be installed in a range of locations around your house such as your bedroom, living room or bathroom.


Ceramic mosaic tiles are the most traditional option and tend to be more affordable than other types of mosaic tiles. Ceramic tiling is easy to produce and can be found in a wide range of local craft stores. These tiles can also be used anywhere in your home and can have a premium appearance depending on the design.

However, ceramic tiles are not modifiable. Therefore, once bought you will be stuck with pre-set designs. You can choose whether the tiles are glazed or unglazed. Glazed designs work well in the living room whereas unglazed are suited to other areas of a home.


Hand-painted mosaic tiles are perfect if you want beautiful pictures on your wall. You can copy a range of designs and install them around your home. Due to the level of intricacy involved, hand-painted tiles tend to be more expensive than standard stone tiles.

These mosaic tiles are especially useful in your kitchen where you can make your kitchen backsplashes better, make your kitchen easier to clean and make it more aesthetically appealing.

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